My First Post

11 March


When they said I had to do a blog job with some other guy, I thought that finally all my secret homo-erotic thoughts would be realised.  Alas no, it’s actually just sitting here writting about comedy t shirts. Err.. so yeah, t-shirts, you’d better buy lots of them if you’re reading this. buy lots of funny, comedy and obscene t shirts here.

But wait there’s more..

purchase a funny or offensive t-shirt now and we’ll pray for 20 virgins* ** to be waiting in heaven for you, and to recieve a further ten, link to us- your humorous t-shirt selling buddies (or should that be humourous t-shirts with an extra U in as we’re in the UK?)  at

*some or all virgins provided may have had previous oral and/or anal experiences. **Probably doesn’t work, but you stand a better chance than those 9/11 planey guys right? And even if it doesn’t who gives a damn, you got a funny t-shirt that rocks your world.

Jackalope – your horny rabbit t-shirt loving beast.