Pick of the random time frame.

27 March

I guess some of you are like what’s this random time frame thing about? Well sometimes we’re too busy fufilling orders and desiging the best and most hilarious shirts ever and jetting off around the world on great t-shirt expeditions to post these weekly, never mind daily, and monthly is just too long to wait for another post. So here it is, the pick of the random time frame (we’ll humour time and pretend it is linear and going forward, if you’re Stephen Hawking you’ll know what I mean).

Billy and the Cloneasaurus

Billy and the Cloneasaurus

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This funny t-shirts adapted from the great American novel about a futuristic amusement park where dinosaurs are brought to life through advanced cloning techniques: “Billy and the Cloneasaurus”. We think this name would have been a much better pick than that silly and very un- funny one that Universal Studios chose, some of you might recall Seymour Skinner discussing this in The Simpsons with Apu.
I still like this movie- even now, the actings horrible, but that kitchen scene with the raptors never gets old and for a ’93 film the graphics still look damn good to us, so buy the t-shirt. Rarrrr.
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