TeesBox Classics; classic t-shirts

25 March

I thought it made sense to start off with some history of t-shirts, like alot of other shirt sites do saying “t-shirts were invented in YEAR/PLACE by NAME” but then it occurred to me that shit is boring as hell (assuming hell is boring, which it probably isn’t – all the most interesting people would be there getting their BDSM fix from horny demons).
Instead here are our top classic t-shirts, ones popular in days gone by, but which we still love and think are ready for a retro come back, we all know the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s rocked, when we still thought a carbon footprint was what Neil Armstrong left on the Moon, and the only thing digital was your Casio wristwatch. So put down your Sega Game Gear and check out these hilarious, retro and sometimes rude t shirts.

1. I shot J R funny t-shirts

This is a serious blast from the past, perhaps the greatest and most pointless storyline ever was the “who shot J R?” one, which this t-shirts in tribute to. Never has the “it was all a dream” ending sucked so much. To tell the truth we’ve forgotten alot of this show, we’ll get round to viewing it again though soon, we promise, and the theme tune is still stuck in everyones head here. Check out the character Tom from the awesome TV show from Channel 4 here in the UK that was Father Ted to see this t-shirt in action!

2. I’m with stupid retro t shirts

There’s not much to say about this classic t-shirt other than that it’s simple and straight to the point. Everyone who surrounds you is stupid, you know it, and now they can know it too when you wear this wonder.
Remember the episode of Futurama where they go on a trip to the Moon and it’s turned into a kid’s amusement park, and Fry buys a “I’m with stupid on the Moon” t-shirt? Maybe we’ll get one of those made, I’m not sure how well they’d go down and it’d be pretty damn bizarre.

3. I killed laura palmer funny t-shirts

I admit it, I’m a huge Twin Peaks fan! It’s by far and away my favourite TV show and this t-shirt pays homage to it. In the early 90′s David Lynch came up with the brilliant premise for this show- a small town which at first glance appeared very normal and placid however as Federal Agent Dale Cooper investigates the mysterious death of local school girl Laura Palmer the innocent surface is scratched away leaving something strange, dark and evil lurking. We won’t spoil it for you by telling you who did actually kill Laura in the show (I still know way too many people who, 18 years on, don’t know who the murderer was). If you want to find out try actually watching it. You’ll get to see David Duchovny playing a transexual FBI agent in his pre X-Files days.
Buy this funny t-shirt now for all the dancing dwarves and talking logs you can handle.

4. C DOS RUN t-shirts

Who doesn’t love a good DOS command? There’s probably a decent few of you out there that wonder why is this t-shirt funny at all, and what’s it even about (which would explain why teesbox keeps getting hits from Google for “why is C DOS RUN funny?”)..well the answer is simple. However I’m not sure I feel like explaining it, use your initiative though, search for “see spot run” and have a look at the dos prompt, I’m sure you can put the rest together, and if not why not just buy another t-shirt instead, it obviously isn’t for you (unless you like wearing shirts that confuse you?).
Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Comic Book Guy (or Jeff Albertson if you want to be picky)wears this funny t-shirt?

5. Ford Fuck rude t-shirts

This t-shirt has a wee little obscene word on it (as a bunch of our t-shirts do) but that’s why we love it. Our legal team informs us that “this rude logo bares no resemblance to a rather popular blue oval car logo”. It’s funny that cos it reminds me of the Ford symbol.
Check out Rage Against The Machine’s (RATM) video for Bullet in the Head, worn by Zach De La Rocha to see this rude shirt in action.

6. Puma Tuna funny T-shirts

I’m not sure how retro this one is, but none of us here in the office see half as many Puma t-shirts as we used to so it counts (perhaps)and I’ve no idea when the last time I saw a Fila t-shirt was, perhaps we’ll do a funny shirt spoof of that too …”FEEL’ER”.
If you have a love of the oily fish and the ol’ omega 3 thingies then get this bought, we’d wet our pants seeing someone jogging in it.
Swimmingly good fun (duh duh!) we love this shirt and wear them constantly for the funny looks we get-you don’t seriously expect us to wear suits do you?

Jackalope. The hilarious and obscene t-shirt lovin’ horned beast.