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31 March

Why not check us out on Twitter? We didn’t know what the hell it was, but now we’re sort of getting into using it.  On it you can see some of our thoughts, what t-shirt stuff we’re upto, plus some random crap.

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These social networking things seem to be where the money is at, we’re thinking about setting up a few of our own;

Offyourfacebook – We all love a good drunken post, so why not have an entire site dedicated to it? It’d be pretty funny we thinks. If drinking is your thing why not buy one of these funny drinking t-shirts

Ohnotyoutube – “oh not you”, network with everyone you’ve ever met and hated (though that’s kinda like Myspace). If you’re filled with hate then this offensive t-shirts for you!

EweTube – What do sheep get upto in their spare time anyway? They’re not the most individual of creatures so they could just share one big profile. I reckon they’ll have a great sense of humour though. If you love sheep as much as we do check out these rude SILF t-shirts

Eggonfacebook – Fucked something up and want to make it public? This is perfect for you. We could start with a few celeb names, Jacqui Smith could tell us all about her PPV porno movies and Max Mosely could recommend some hookers that’ll dress up as Nazi’s for us.

Getoutmyfacebook – A real loner? (check out this humorous Loner t-shirt) if so,  the site for staying the fuck away from everyone.

Jackalope, the funny t-shirt wearing, leg humping bunny.