A UK Comedy Comeback

6 April

That’s right, we’re all looking forward here to seeing the new Red Dwarf episodes! Ever since we heard that there could be a Red Dwarf movie a long, long time ago (1999?) we’ve kept an eye on what’s happening with this show, and finally we’re getting some action!

If you’re in the UK make sure to watch the premiere of this 3 part episode on the strangely named channel Dave (yes, that’s right, Dave.. Sky channel 111, Virgin Media 128, Freeview 19) at 9PM on April the 10th, 11th and 12th.

Let’s hope it’s going to be good, and back on form. To celebrate the return of our favourite funny tv show we’ve made a list of …

The Top 5 Funny Episodes (no-there’s nothing from season VII or VIII)

5. The End (Season I)

The most ironically named first episode of any show ever.  Normally I hate early episodes and pilots, they’re weird and generally not especially funny (think The Simpsons!), but this one sets the scene perfectly, trapped on board a huge 5 miles by 6 miles long spaceship millions of miles away from Earth. Everyone on board has died of a radiation leak with the exception of Lister – the last human alive, surviving only because he was in stasis, and has been for 3 million years waiting for the radiation levels to drop, Cat, a human like figure who has evolved out of a simple house cat while Lister has been in stasis, Holly – the ships computer and Rimmer, a hologram of a dead crew mate.  A great premise for the years of excellent and mostly very humorous sci-fi spoof episodes to follow.

4. Back to Reality (Season V)
Duane Dibley
In This episode the crew find nothing is what they think it is. Red Dwarf has all been a game, Lister is a right wing politician and Cat’s a dork! We always hated “It was all a dream” endings, except for this one! If you hate dream episodes as much as we do make sure to check out our I Shot J R funny t-shirts.

3.Better Than Life (Season II)

Millions of years on board a spaceship drifting hopelessly through space isn’t very entertaining, but the crew play this “total immersion” virtual reality video game to lift their spirits, in the game you can have anything you want or desire just by thinking it.. unfortunatley Rimmers thoughts aren’t exactly positive and so instead of a Jag e-type and supermodel girlfriend he ends up with 7 kids, a wife and a mortgage. Hilarious ep.

2.Backwards (Season III)

Playing things in reverse never gets old, and this episode exploits this fact. The crew go through a “time hole” and end up back on planet Earth! The bad news? It’s a strange universe where everything runs backwards. A must watch episode of a brilliant comedy show. Funny quote from this ep:

This is crazy! Why are we talking about going to bed with Wilma Flintstone….she’ll never leave Fred and we know it.

1.Quarantine (Season V)

 All the crew are forced into quarantine except for Rimmer. The only things the internees have to entertain them are a knitting magazine and a video entitled Wallpapering, Painting and Stippling – a DIY Guide. What’s worse is Rimmer goes crazy and wears a lovely gingham dress sporting a penguin puppet named Mr. Flibble. Funny quote from this ep:

And fulfilling all Space Corps dietary requirements, dinner tonight, gentlemen, will consist of sprout soup, followed by sprout salad, and for desert – I think you’ll like it, rather unusual – sprout crumble.

Rimmer, you know damn well sprouts make me chuck.

Well, this is awful. I’ve got you down for sprouts almost every meal. (Shaking his head no) I tell a lie. It is every meal.

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