All New Funny T shirts

3 April

We’ve got a great new line of funny t-shirts on today, totally unique to us. Tired of people telling you to stop getting so angry, and get rid of that chip on your shoulder? Well we don’t, we say celebrate it with this tee, at least then you can say you warned everyone…

It’s a great way of displaying your anger in a bit more unusual and pretty funny way. So let the world know you have a chip on your shoulder with this funny t-shirt. Click here to buy one of these funny t-shirts after all it’s not like there’s a shortage of things to be pissed off and annoyed at, is there?

As with all our t-shirts this is top quality, 100% cotton and made to last. Postage is now free anywhere in the UK, no matter how many of our funny, rude or just plain offensive t-shirts you order! The shirt is availble in 5 different colours – black, pale blue, navy blue, red, and pink. Our favourite is Navy blue. It’s available in 7 different sizes, ladies fitted size 10, ladies fitted size 12, small, medium, large, XL and the mighty XXL. For more details on sizes look at our t-shirt sizing guide by clicking here.

Jackalope – the rude tees rabbit.