Breast of the Rest, A tale of two shirts

2 April

They were the best of breasts, they were the worst of breasts.

What with this whole G20 stuff it got us thinking how many important issues there are. Not just in the UK but in the world today, everything from global warming to banks going bust. However one issue has remained throughout mans entire history on this planet. Breasts.  We got a few pics of some super ones (above, click for big view), starting with Jennifer Love Hewitt- seriously we all know why those ghosts can’t stop visiting you “oh you’re in the shower? well I’ll just sit and wait until you finish off and get dry to do my haunting”, we’ll leave it up to you to decide the best and worst, except to say Dolly’s are the best.

To celebrate our soft, round friends we have two funny t shirts:

This shirt is only blue if I’m thinking about breasts humorous t-shirts
humorous breast t-shirts
We love these t-shirts, it’s funny cos it’s true. It will read your mind and predict you’re constantly thinking about breasts, which we both know you are.
It’s only available in two colours, pale blue and navy blue, it wouldn’t really make sense otherwise, available in 7 sizes, including two ladies fitted sizes, so even you people of a female variety can wear ‘em.

Federal Boob Inspector funny t-shirts
FBI t-shirts

It’s a tough, hands on job, but someones gotta do it. Those hot ladies with giant boobs could actually be terrorists smuggling silicon into the country, it’s upto you to stop them. Watch out for the ol’ poisonous nipple trick.

Jackalope, the t-shirt obsessive, comedy bunny.