Friday Funny News

17 April

Friday’s here again, so it’s time for some more funny news of the week. Firstly we’d like to say how lame it is the the thepiratebay founders have got themselves locked up  and a US$3.6 million fine as well. Arrrggh :(

Anyway, for the funny stuff..

A sheriff’s deputy from Louisiana claims a 54-year-old man stabbed his 63-year-old brother during an argument in their kitchen over one can of pork and beans.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Cindy Chadwick says Willie Casst was sentenced on Tuesday with aggravated battery.

She says his brother, Agusta Wells, was treated at North Caddo Medical Center for stab wounds in his left arm and shoulder blade.

Police the two reportedly had been drinking, and say alcohol may have been a factor in the fight over the can of pork and beans which preceeded the stabbing.

Rivera says Casst picked up a kitchen knife after Wells threw a punch at him but missed.

Alcohol may have been a factor…well jeez, ya think?  They must have been some damn good beans, maybe magic  in nature. We’d also like to give another piece of news a quick mention (I know, I know, we’re spoiling you with all these Ferrero Rocher..I mean hilarious news items);

Four pythons escaped from their container in the cargo hold of an Australian plane – but this time Samuel L Jackson was nowhere to be seen

When the Qantas plane left Alice Springs on Tuesday there were 12 baby pythons in the hold, but when it arrived in Melbourne only 8 could be found.

Qantas staff were unable to locate the missing reptiles among the luggage in the hold and the aircraft was stopped, resulting in some cancelled flights. 

“The only conclusion we could draw was four of them had broken free of the packaging,” Epstein said. (round of applause deserved)

The company did not want to run the risk of the snakes reappearing mid-flight, so after establishing that the snakes were not an endangered species the aircraft was fumigated, so if they do ever show up they will be Dead Snakes on a Plane (sounds like a poor sequel).

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