Happy April Fools

1 April

So I guess you’re expecting some lame, un funny joke, but alas no, we’ll spare you. from the usual crappy, roll your eyes humour that is everywhere today.

There is nothing wrong with your computer, except all that spyware from porn sites, do not attempt to go to another site. We can delude you with 8 channels or expand one single image to 1024×768 pixels, but not beyond.You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest humorous mind to… The Inner Limits

Sorry, anyway, we liked this genuinley funny news story..

Ohio Man Arrested for drink driving a bar stool.

A man in Ohio, USA has been charged by police for using his home made motorised bar stool (above) whilst drunk. According to the police report, Kile Wygle, 28, called the emergency services after crashing his bar stool near his Newark home and sustaining injuries.

“I wrecked my bar stool,” he cried to the police officer who answered the call. He also acknowledged drinking 15 beers and was charged with two misdemeanors: DUI and driving with a suspended license.

The bar stool is powered by a lawn mower engine and can reach speeds of upto 38mph! Forget Ferrari’s, we want one of these, think of the comedy value.

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