New humorous t-shirts

20 April

To celebrate a little of the summer heat we’re bringing in more and more new humorous t-shirts. Now we love this one, in a  it’s funny ‘cos it’s true kinda way.
humorous t-shirts
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Full text reads:

It’s only available in 2 colours, pale blue and a navy blue – it’d just be strange if it was in any other colour…because you’re always thinking about breasts, and it wouldn’t work, it’s like it’s reading your mind, right?
So what nicer thing to do than purchase one of these t-shirts on a nice sunny day like today? The idea of lots of huge bouncing, wet breasts probably wont cool you down much, but at least you’ll have a funny new t-shirt to wear for Summer. It’s made out of cotton so is nice and soft but is double stiched and durable to survive all of your dirty thoughts and scenarios. You can even get it in ladies sizes 10/12 – anyone else think it might be kinda hot seeing a lady wearing it? It’s available in UK size 10 and 12. But we’ve not forgotten its main audience either.. it’s available in small through to XXL for the gentlemen out there reading this.
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