New obscene t-shirts

21 April

More new t-shirts! This one’s not for the faint hearted..
new t-shirt
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This is a beaut, surely ladies (or sluts if you preffer) will be you a drink then want to do things of an adult nature to you? I’d be pretty happy with either the beer or the fuck, but you know what they say.. never look a gift horse in the mouth. I never understood that saying, what’s a gift horse and why look at it in the mouth anyway? I think “Never prematurley ejeculate in a sluts mouth” might work better, but it doesn’t roll as well off the tongue… but that’s her job anyway. It’d be nice to see a few women wearing it too, we’re sure you’d get more than a few drinks bought for you.
So yeah, buy this t-shirt to make all your fantasies (beer and sex related) come true, maybe. It’ll definitely get you lots of attention.
It’s soft to the touch(ooh err) as it’s made of 100% cotton and is double stiched and pre-shrunk for extra durability whilst you’re getting upto what ever it is you’re planning to do whilst wearing it.

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Jackalope, the horny rabbit.