New offensive t-shirts

8 April

That’s right, yet another new t-shirt already. We think this offensive t-shirt is great, not only does it look cool but it will definitely help you stand out and get noticed. If you’re sick of feeling like some dumb, lame¬†sheep or just think you’re not getting even half the attention you deserve then this t shirts definitely for you..
fuck subtlety offensive t-shirt
Buy one of these offensive t-shirts
Why bother with some more subtle message when you can just wear this and get straight to the point? All fashion is, is just a way of getting people to notice you and we guarantee that this shirt will do that!
This offensive t-shirt is available in 5 great colours, but red (pictured above) is clearly the best and our favourties, ‘cos it’s the brightest and most eye catching colour. Like all our t-shirts it comes in 7 different sizes from ladies size 10 fitted and small right through to XXL. The t-shirts are 100% cotton for a smooth, high quality texture and is preshrunk and double stitched for extra durability to survive all your antics and mischief. Postage is free within the UK and cheap for the rest of the world.

Jackalope, the unsubtle t- shirt lovin’ spring rabbit