New rude humorous t-shirts

25 April

New t-shirts for the weekend!

These are great shirts, forewarned is forearmed..
I fart on first date t-shirts
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It could say “fuck on the first date”, but it doesn’t, there’s nothing like a good ripe fart to make them remember you. The noise, the smell, it’s an unforgettable experience, and one we guarantee will stay with your potential partner for years and years.

So we say, wine them, dine them, then spread those legs as wide apart as they’ll go and let rip with your special, magical noisey smell. You probably won’t find that adivce in many conventional dating books, I think because it’s such a well kept secret.
These t shirts are available in 7 different sizes from S-XXL and ladies fitted size10 and 12 and five great colours, black, pale blue, navy blue, pink, and a very striking red. All our humorous t shirts are 100% cotton for a smooth, high quality texture. It’s preshrunk and double stitched for extra durability. Postage is free anywhere in the UK, and very cheap for the rest of the world..stinkies.

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Jackalope, the smelly bunny.