New rude humorous t-shirts

14 April

It’s only Tuesday and there’s yet more t-shirts added to the site!
Okay, first here’s our first tee;

want a vowel?
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We never much cared much for english class but we did attend (just) enough to know what a vowel is, that’s why these shirts rock so much – it doesn’t say anything offensive at all, but people reading it will fill in the blanks for you, and, with any luck will go fuck themselves. Richard Whitley will be spinning in his grave!

im a genious t shirt
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Next is this humorous one, oddly enough it’s also kinda English grammar related – who knew there was so much fun to be had with it, all my education invloved was reading Shakespeare which is pretty much in another language and studying the difference between a colon and a semicolon. We made this one after pissing ourselves laughing at those losers on forums who are always going “like I’m a total genious”, when theyre clearly totally wrong about whatever point it is they’re arguing about. We’re definatley not grammar police, and I’m sure there’s a bunch of typos on our site but we love a bit of irony.

Jackalope, the rude tee lovin’ rabbit.


P.s. We know we raved about Red Dwarf coming back, but we didn’t promise it’d be any good. I’ve never seen so much shameless plugging.