New rude t-shirts

23 April

Happy shakespeare’s Birthday, I could never understand anything he wrote, but I’m told it was good. He was in the pub last night I think, I’m pretty sure I heard the bar tender shout “Your Bard”. *drums* sorry.
On to more pressing issues, more new t-shirts today;
This one is of the rude variety, but we consider it to be educational too

new t-shirts

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It teaches the alphabet, admittidely not the conventional one used in the UK or anywhere in the West ..or East. This is a slightly reduced version of the alphabet, and we’ve replaced the last twenty one letters of the English one with only four- f, u, c, k! You might think it sounds unusual and strange but if you were five and trying to learn this beast again imagine how much easier it would have been? So do it folks, buy and wear one of these t-shirts, for the children!

These shirts are available 7 different sizes, small, medium, large, XL, XXL, fitted size 10 and fitted size 12 & 5 excellent colours, so there’s something for everyone. All our rude t-shirts are 100% cotton for a smooth, high quality texture. It’s preshrunk and double stitched for extra durability. Postage is free anywhere in the UK.

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Jackalope, the ravin’ rabbid rabbit.