T-Shirt Pick of the Random Time Frame II

9 April

The next eagerly anticipated installment of our t-shirt tpick of the random time frame is here!
This funny t-shirt is for the especially agitated of those amongst you.
funny t-shirt
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Screw that Musical crap, when you can have a good ol’ fashioned massacre instead! Speaking of Disney movies, I keep seeing some High School Musical kinda thing they’ve made (to see if they can repeat their success, let’s hope not) called Camp Rock, surely it’s not just me who thinks of Boy George every time they hear this title? Remember when Boy George joined the A-Team, now that was funny.
Funny George
Mr T “I pity the fool who wont take a ride with Cowboy George” and yes, his character really was called Cowboy George.
If you’re wondering why I’m going on about the A-Team more than HSM it’s ‘cos I’ve seen plenty of A-Team eps but I wouldn’t lower myself to having to put on Disney Channel UK…not since they canned Boy Meets World anyway. Like the A-team logo this High School Massacre one has bullet holes through it so it looks great and it’s¬†delightfully funny and offensive, I’d have killed (pardon the pun) to wear it to school on one of those no uniform days back in the day, show the bastards how close to the edge I really am *hugs*

Jackalope, your sweet rabbit of doom.