T-shirt pick of the random time frame IV

28 April

I’m really learning these roman numerals now, we’re competing with Rocky.

My pic today is this saucy, funny little number:

'sucky' t shirt

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To celebrate the blowing of ones horn, and these awesome rude t-shirts we found out some weird stuff. It seems oral’s been popular for hundreds of years, in Ancient Greece, giving head was known as “playing the flute”pretty classy. I guess it must have been lame if you were a musician though “I played the flute with 6 other guys for 2 and a half hours tonight”. Something else that suprises me is that in the western world- and the UK where we are, is that doctors were advising up until 1976 that the ingestion of sperm could cause induce premature labour in pregnant women (but we’re sure that pearl necklaces increase chest size and facials give you nice skin). We now know that’s not true of course, so you’ve no excuses not to choke down gallons and gallons of jizz.

Just to show you how fine and classy this act is, we got you a painting by the 18th Century French artist Édouard-Henri Avril, it’s hot, but remember.. it is art ..and,no, we don’t get the difference between fine art and porno either..
ooh la la

Jackalope, the love bunny