T-shirts pick of the random time frame III

27 April

The third of our random t-shirt picks,
This ones probably one of the most vicious t-shirts we sell…
why kill them with kindness t-shirts
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Just incase you can’t see the text clearly it says “why kill them with kindness?” and underneath “use a claw hammer”
We got the idea whilst playing Cluedo (well not really but let’s pretend), you know all those odd weapons, some are a bit better than others – which would you rather have, the revolver, dagger or the candlestick? You’d be crazy to pick the candle, what are you going to do, scorch your enemies tie? We wouldn’t mind getting to rope up Miss Scarlett though. They should make an erotic version, the rope can stay, a ball gag, handcuffs, whips, that sort of thing. Oh and it could be in a brothel rather than some creaky old house, no more study or billiard room, just like 10 bedrooms.

These funny t-shirts are available in five colors and seven sizes from small to extra extra large. The t-shirts are pure cotton for a smooth, high quality finish and they are preshrunk and double stitched for extra durability, whilst hacking up the bastards. Shipping is free of charge within the UK.

This t-shirt is exclusive to teesbox.com

Jackalope, the angry horned bunny.