Friday Funny News

8 May

The biggest day of the weeks here again, so unzip your pants and let it all flop out to celebrate the death of another week. Don’t forget to check out all our humorous and obscene t-shirts.

Today’s eagerly anticipated Friday Funny News:

Shopper ID’d Buying Teaspoons

Asda, don't buy your spoons from here if you're under 18

A shop assistant reportedly informed the customer that that age identification was now required to purchase teaspoons as someone had once been murdered with one.

Peter McCarthy, the Asda Halifax store manager, said he was unaware of the spoon ID rule.

He said: “The customer will have been asked for age identification by the assistant when prompted by the till. I’m not aware of an age restriction for spoons.

“It’s most likely a mix-up with the bar codes.”

Imagine killing someone with a spoon? I don’t think you would be able to make a hole with it, like a knife or something so you’d have to use an oraphis that already exists. The mouth is visable and easy to access but the anus will take them by suprise. I guess you could get some wax out of their ears too? Eugh, imagine having some one scoop your eye out with one.

Jackalope, the t-shirt humour bunny.