Friday Funny News

22 May

China demolishes sex theme park

About the size of two football pitches, the sex theme park, named Love Land included displays of giant neon-lit genitalia and a photographic exhibition on the history of sex, as well as a workshop, aimed at improving the visitors technique.
However, it was bound to upset some, talking about sex in China is still very much a taboo- never mind taking a roller-coaster ride inside an oversized thong clad ass.
On the 19th of May 2009, Chinese authorities ordered the rude Love Land to be demolished before its expected openening in October.

Loveland entrance

Boo, it sounds interesting to say the least, but fear not my sordid dirt monkeys, there’s one in South Korea, here are some curious pics we’ve found of it.
big ride
The lady at the top must be uncomfortable, she’ll break her neck doing that, and the one at the bottom isn’t getting a good deal, she’s giving head and holding up another head but getting nothing in return, maybe theyre suppost to rotate every 2 mins to stop everyone getting worn out or pissed off they ain’t getting any.
ride on time
Now I love this photo, the woman there is trying her best to pretend it’s just a regular park bench “I wonder if the buses run regularly round here?”
fat funny lady
It’s not over till the fat lady screams.

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