New comedy t-shirts

13 May

A new day, a new t-shirt.
Today it’s comedy t-shirts, or perhaps if you really do suffer from those delusions of grandeur, then these are the t-shirts for you!
new its all about me comedy t-shirts

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We like this t-shirt it takes the piss out of the fact you’re totally self righteous and you know it.
There’s plenty of people that should be wearing this we reckon who really do believe this statement and should buy this tee.

We thought of 3 examples of  ladies who think they are super hot and “all that”, but check out the pics of them below… I think it proves otherwise, don’t even bother thinking about pulling that foreskin back till you’ve witnessed the horror of these non-photoshopped “sexy” trio.

Britney Spears
Lookin’ good.

Lindsay Lohan
take me to your tequila
Drunk, for a change

Paris H
va va voom i spent the night in paris
Heiress of the Hilton Hotel fortune, and a total tart. She’s been in a few movies, but I think there’s only one anyone can think of, I’m sure you don’t need me to say it. Here is her South Park character, we didn’t want upset you too much.

The message: Either make sure you are really hot and self obsessed, or you can laugh at yourself and you have a good sense of humour before buying one of these all new comedy t-shirts!

Jackalope – the self-lovin’ rabbit.