Offensive t-shirts pick of the random time frame IX – guilty pleasures

12 May

So we got this little offensive t-shirt as our pick today..

offensive dead girls cant say no t shirts

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Dead girls are one of lifes best guilty pleasures – she can still have a nice body even if her head has been ripped off right? Right? It’s a fact anyway, you ever heard a dead girl say “no“? Didn’t think so and if you did it was either a. gas escaping¬† ..or.. b. you’re insane, go to the doctor, as soon as you’ve bought the t-shirt.

To celebrate this beautiful taboo of nailing the deceased the teesbox gang took a look at our songs we love to hate, in order of guilt:
Top 10 Guilty Pleasures of Rock

10. Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer
bon jovi
Big hair, strange outfits, good song but you’ll never look cool listening to Bon Jovi, sorry.

9. Van Halen – Jump
van halen
We love Van Halen, seriously you rock, but David Lee Roth’s hit from 1984 is definatley some seriously cheesy hard rock. But tell me you don’t love it?

8. Nightwish – Nemo
How many other Finnish symphonic power metal band can you name? We love Nemo from the ‘Once’ Album, it’s the least pretentious of the lot, but that’s not saying much. I almost feel like I need to get my Opera glasses out just to listen to this one.

7. Iron Maiden – Number of The Beast
iron maiden
Any song by Iron Maiden will do, they’re all super heavy metal, but there’s something so nerdy about them. Maybe it’s the Eddie figure or the OTT “satanic” lyrics. We don’t know, but we’ll keep listening to them (on our headphones).

6. Sugar Ray – Every Morning
sugar ray
Released in 1999 and I still listen to this every now and then, quietly.

5. Creed – With Arms Wide Open
Creed surely should have done well, but no. Plagued with rumours of being a Christian Rock band, you can wave goodbye to your credibility if you’re caught listening to this guilty pleasure.

4. OPM – Heaven is a Half Pipe
I never got into skating, I’m not built for it, I can just about stand on a board that isn’t moving without falling off, but that ain’t much of a trick. Anway, yeah, we like this song, probably one of the lamest names in rock too, OPM? Oh, pleeeease.

3. Papa Roach – Last Resort
papa roach
I’ve memories of wearing one of their hoodies once, it was quickly hidden away never to be seen again when I came to my sense. This attention whore song about suicide is worryingly good though, crank it up.. if you can face the humiliation.

2. Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag
If you have ever been, or are lucky enough to be a heavy metal lovin’ teenager this song will speak volumes to you. But you won’t look good listening to it, especially with those goofy sounds. Check out the tyre screeching noise when he sings about the car. *shudders*

1. Europe – The Final Countdown
At the end of our countdown, here’s this appropriately titled anthem. It’s hard to admit it, but it’s just so catchy that you’ll find yourself humming this cheesiest of tunes for days after listening to it. Let’s face it, listening to a Swedish Hard Rock band is never going to get the super models kickin’ your door down to get into your pants.

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