Offensive T-shirts pick of the random time frame VI

5 May

Another exciting installement of t-shirts, today we look at a shirt that celebrates the biggest and prettiest pub in the world, Ireland.

FECK irish connection t-shirts

Buy one of these offensive FECK t-shirts

Incidentally, any resemblance of the Feck irish connection t-shirts logo to any other logo’s (including fcuk) is purely coincidental.
To celebrate this offensive funny spoof t-shirt we thought we’d make a little list of some of the most humorous Father Ted eps, there’s too many to choose from, but here are a small selection of our favourites and most hilarious that come to mind:

A Song For Europe

a song for europe my lovely horse

A rip off of the bollocks that is the Eurovision Song Contest. If you’re lucky enough to be from Aus or the US you won’t probably have heard of Eurovision, think yourself lucky.. it’s lots of European countries voting for a shitty song to represent each one, no one votes for the UK ‘cos they hate us, and all the Eastern states are terrified of pissing Russia off and having their natural gas supplies disconnected so vote for them no matter how much they suck.
Anyway, Ted and Dougal write and sing the hilarious song that is “My Lovely Horse”, here’s the lyrics, YouTube the video or something, even if you’ve not seen this show you’ll love it!

My lovely Horse Lyrics:

“My Lovely Horse
Running through the.. field
Where are you going
With your fetlocks blowing
In the… wind

I want to shower you with sugar lumps
And ride you over…fences
I want to polish your hooves every single day
And bring you to the horse… dentist

My lovely horse
You’re a pony no… more
Running around
With a man on your back
Like a train in the night
Like a train in the… (
hang on I can get this)… night!

Flight Into Terror

The priests are on a doomed plane ride, after the fuel pipe breaks it’s upto Ted to climb out of the plane to save everyone on board and seal the leaking line using Dougals Duty Free sticky tape dispenser.

New Jack City

Father Fintan Stack

After father Jack contracts ‘hairy hands syndrome’ he’s sent away much to Ted’s delight.. until he sees Jacks replacement, Father Fintan Stack, who loves tormenting Ted and playing jungle music on his ghetto blaster. Fortunatley for Ted and unfortunatley for Father Stack, he contracts Jacks hairy hands from his old chair, and all is put right.

Speed 3

Father dougal speed 3

A great spoof of those awful and horribly dated 90′s ‘Speed‘ movies, you know they’re on a bus and once they go over 50mph a bomb’s armed, and when they go under 50mph it blows up, personally I wish it had blown up, at least then we’d be rid of Ted “Theodore” Logan AKA Keanu Reeves. Well anyway this ep’s like that except instead of a bus it’s a milk float. The bomb becomes activated once the milkfloat reaches a mighty 4mph, and Ted, along with Father Beeching and Father Clarke has to think of a way of rescuing Dougal. Saying Mass, which was achieved by mounting an altar on a trailer attached to the back of a tractor, fails to help the hapless Dougal and watching The Poseidon Adventure, on the grounds that Gene Hackman plays a priest in it, doesn’t help much either. In the end, they use a brick that was Father Jack’s pet provides Dougal with the means to escape from the milkfloat by jamming it on the accelerator.

There’s too many to choose from, I haven’t even mentioned the one where they’re lost in the ladies underwear department or the Night of the Living Dead spoof one, we think you should watch them all anyway, along with Black Books it’s the most funny comedy Channel 4′s made.

Jackalope,  SHOUT  it with me…Feck, Drink, Arse, Girls!