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20 May

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Like every media outlet in the UK we just can’t turn a blind eye to corrupt politicians, our leaders who are suppost to be our trusted role models, but in reality they’re worse than the rest of us put together.
So for all of you reading this we’ve got our top 5 take the piss expenses claimed by UK politicans that we’ve all had to chip in for, some are just plain offensive.

Number 5:
Brian Gibbons’ remembrance wreath

Labour Minister for Social Justice and local government remembered to claimed back £16.50 for his British Royal Legion wreath. World War veterans will be so proud.

Number 4:
Caroline Spelman’s nanny

It’d make a good title for a horror movie would Caroline Spelman’s nanny, but that’s besides the point, however her expenses do make for horrifying reading.. she hired a nanny- Tina Haynes who, in exchange for looking after the three children recieved free board and lodgings, but no money, however that didn’t stop Spelman claiming £13,000 on her expenses a year pretending it was her wage.

Number 3:
Bill Butler’s £1 charity donation

The Labour member of scottish parliament for Glasgow Anniesland tried to claim back the princely sum of one whole British pound (that’s £1 in normal speak) for a charitable donation a hotel made on his behalf.

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Number 2:
Derek Conway’s son/parliamentary assistant

Senior Consevative MP Derek Conway used his expenses to “employ” his teen son, Fredrick despite the fact he was studying Geography full time at Newcastle University. He was paid up to £11,773/year for his hard work, which he never showed up for according to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

Number 1:
Jacqui Smith’s blue movies

You knew it was comming, Smith claimed 2 adult movies on her expenses at £5.99 each. State funded porn- I never thought I’d see the day. It’s horrifying using public money to pay for this, haven’t they ever heard of the internet?
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