Rude T-shirts pick of the random time frame VII

7 May

Hmmmm, for todays pick I thiiiiink I’ll pick you… (say it like those losers on Pokemon do, you know what I meen “I choose you- crappyasaur” but alot more nonchalantly).

Well, whatever, here it is…

rude t-shirts pick dual airbags

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Always remember to inspect your airbags regularly, the first car to have standard dual airbags was in 1987 on a Porsche 944. Pretty interesting we’re sure you agree. Of course when we made this shirt we were kinda thinking about other airbags too, those ones women seem to acquire – either through horemones or a surgeon, we ain’t fussy.
We’re not the only company to have noticed this similarity as this classic Mercedes S-Class ad shows:

Merc S Class fun bags

No wonder everyone wants a Merc so bad if those deploy in the event of an accident. I think they’d definatley speed up recovery time.

To help you learn we got you some airbag pictures, pictures are like reading but more fun and less boring.
First here’s some, 3 infact, one (undeployed) steering wheel mounted one, and two more (surely deployed, they can’t get bigger…can they?) on the person operating the vehicle.
3 airbags

Here’s another for you, there’s just the two in this picture, unlike the last 2 inflated ones though these have lost their firmness and turned saggy. Often this affect can be seen on ones people are equipped with too, not just vehicles
2 saggy bags

So remember wether you’re going for a ride in your car or on a woman to always strap yourself well in when you see that airbags are present.

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