Taming of the screw; 3 comedy t-shirts

14 May

A shakespeare pun! I didn’t put myself through college for nothing.
Screwing… these three shirts are perfect for getting your tools out(and with a bit of luck some one elses) and forgetting your worries.

First here’s a picture of one of our ’screw me’ t-shirts

screw me funny t-shirts
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It’s ideal for increasing your chances of getting laid, by making everyone know you’re up for some lovin’, without even having to look at your abdomen for that tell-tale bulge or wet patch. Maybe if you just wear the t-shirt and nothing on your lower half it’ll work even better. It’d make for easy access, and everyone appreciates convenience.
Now the first of our two new t-shirts:
Here’s one for the ladies;
i taught your bf to screw comedy t-shirts
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Exploit everyones paranoia with this t-shirt. It’s classier than cheating – you got there long before them, and what’s better than that? If he’s good in bed it’s because you’ve showed him exactly what to do to satisfy your carnal desires.
Don’t worry guys, we have the equivilent t-shirt for you too:
new rude i taught your gf to screw t shirts
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The only reason she’s any good in the sack is ‘cos you taught her how to fulfil a mans needs, right?

Jackalope, the mid-week mammal.