Funny t-shirts pick of the random time frame XIV

3 June

For my 14th pick of the random time frame (seems ages since pick number 1 now, Im becoming a roman numeral superstar) I’ve chosen pretty much my fave t-shirt of them all..
funny t-shirt pick prawn star
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We made this funny t-shirt ‘cos we were sick of those shitty “porn star” shirts and badges you see everywhere, are they suppost to be comedy or what? Is the person wearing them saying they’ll swallow and do things of an obscene nature for money, or is it suppost to be ironic and that they’re all ugly and nothing like an ideal porno star?
Anyway this prawn star t-shirt is actually funny, and it looks great.

I was hoping to tel you what the biggest prawn in the world was, and therefore the biggest prawn star, but I couldnt find any record of it, even on so why not bag yourself this t-shirt and a big prawn and get yourself famous?

While I was on Guinness I checked out the biggest monkey and found it was a mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx), weighing in at 119lb (54kg) and 20″ (50.8cm) high not including head, don’t know why they missed it’s head off! The mandrill is also one of the most colourful mammals, recognized by its naked vivid-blue rump, red-striped face and yellow beard. I know a few guys that look like that.