Funny t-shirts pick of the random time frame XV

13 June

wow-ee,XV! Howtime flys when you’re having fun.
OK so here’s todays random t-shirt funny pick thing…
funny rude t-shirts pick textual predator
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Ok so it’s clearly a pun on sexual predator (which I can only assume is a horny Predator – of the Alien vs Predator kind) but we’ve all had textual predators, you know those people who can’t leave you alone for five seconds without making your phone make that stupid “you’ve got text” noise.
And what’s worse it’s ays for something really dumb and pointless “I’m at McDonalds! LOL”, wow big deal. Aleast when people Twitter this shit you dont have to put up with it being a personal message directed at you and having your phone beep. You know they’re only doing it too so they’ll get lots of replies and make everyone think they’re popular.
I heard this thing ages ago on the news about some teenage girl who’sent like 3000 texts in a day, what a waste, she should be learning how to pleasure men, not fiddle with phones.

Anway, this supercool t-shirt is available in pink, navy bl, pale blue, black and a vivid red. It also comes sizes S through to the mighty XXL.

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