New funny t-shirts (another!)

17 June

Yeah another, already. Old summer has swelled our balls with heat and our brains with new, even funnier t-shirt ideas.
So here it is, your moment is in:
I was never cool t-shirts
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No longer will people be all like:
“You Used to be cool maaaan”
“you’ve changed”
and that sort of bullshit, prove to them that you were never cool, and you know it (which is an ironically cool thing to think, maybe?) Well whatever. We like it, and maybe this way people will know you’re a Sci-fi, comic, book reading nerd, always have been, always will be. At least you ain’t pretending “oh when I was at school i was the most popular kid in class” …keep on dreaming.

It comes in a mighty fine 3 colours, though, if it’s Summer (which for those of you too wasted/dumb to know, it is Summer now) we prefer a light blue, it’s pretty. All our t-shirts come in sizes small, medium, large, extra large, XL and a grand XXL, as well as two ladies fitted sizes – 10 and 12 UK to let them show off their in and out bits.
Well that’s all there is to say I reckon, so off I go
Jackalope, the funny t-shirt specialist.