New funny t-shirts

16 June

Ah sweet a new funny t-shirt.
This ones beer related too, cos everyone loves drinking so everyone can buy it and make us moderately rich so we’re at least able to rent a mansion, hire a Rolls Royce and see an STD free call girl- if such a thing exists, which we doubt it does.
Anyway enough with the ramblings, to the t-shirts:
new funny t-shirts why have a six pack?
Click here to buy one of these funny comedy t-shirts right now.

Not only will it make you and other people laugh, they’ll think you’re too cool to care about washboard abs and shit like that. Which is good, as it leaves more time for drinky drinky and it’s an excuse to eat more.
The more of a belly you have the funnier this will be, looking around at the people I see, 90% of them are out of shape so if you’re reading this the odds are you should purchase this fine garment to (probably) make your life a little bit better. Plus ladies might ask you how you’re suppost to get the drink, and you can unzip your pants and show them your tap. Some one might fall for it…I guess.
It comes in 5 great colours, and sizes right upto XX Large, so even the biggest barrel (aka belly) will fit into it.
Later, Jackalope