New Rude t-shirts

23 June

Finally a rude t-shirt, we do rude and offensive shirts too but as I guess you may or may not have noticed there’s a lot of general comedy, which is fine but I love a good rude one.
Whatever, here’s the t-shirt:
milf rude t-shirts
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So what can I say, for all you MILF’s out there this is the shirt for you. And we think this is a pretty big market, there’s lots of slightly older hotties out there.
I’m always suprised by how many people don’t get these acronyms, if you’re wondering what the hell a MILF is just type it in on Google (preferably image search it for extra titillation). Failing that, just check out the very slightly rude and a little hot pic below:
milf and pram
If you’re wondering where I got such a picture I’ll let you in on a little secret, I wander round town with a camera waiting for exciting opportunities to see body parts I shouldn’t be able to see…that and laughing at other peoples funny t-shirts of course.
SO if you ever see a Jackalope taking photos up your skirt and down your top please oblige by removing your panties and/or slipping your bra off. It’s a public service.
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