Top 5 selling t-shirts of May

1 June

Top 5 Best Selling T-shirts of the month

Yeah ok, so this is a seriously shameless plug, our top 5 best selling shirts of the month of May, we don’t much care if you buy one of these five, or just another instead, as long as it’s one bought from us, who gives a shit?

Our exciting countdown begins here:

In at number 5:

Poker- she’ll love it
poker she'll love it t-shirt
You all must be loving playing poker, either the kind with the cards or the kind where you ram your nob into some lady and pretend you love her. Anyway, keep on buying these, even if you’re a virgin who can’t play poker it’s a good looking shirt and everyone will think you’re cool for wearing it. Click here to buy one of these rude t-shirts

number 4:

Man Needs Head
man needs head t-shirt
Find a man that doesn’t need head (excluding a man who’s just recived it). From a distance people might mistake this t-shirt for a gents toilet door but think of the fun they’ll have laughing at it and agreeing with you. SO there you have it, it’ll make guys your mates and ladies suck up your sperm…you can’t go wrong with it. Buy one of these rude t-shirts.

number 3:

I’d Bang it
i'd bang it t shirt
If you’re the next Keith Moon, or just enjoy innuendos then this is the shirt for you. It’s funny and it looks great. Maybe itll even get you some action (on the drumkit). Buy these funny t-shirts here.

number 2:

I’m with Stupid
im with stupid t shirt
This is always appropriate, everyone is stupid. This classic funny t-shirt never goes out of fashion. Buy this funny t-shirt.


number 1:

Designated Drinker
designated drinker t-shirt
We LOOOOVE cars, but we also love booze.. why not combine the two? I’ve been the designated driver a few times over the years and it’s so awful, like you might as well sit at home and watch TV – even watching Will & Grace would be better than been the only dry bitch there. If anyone ever gets pulled over wearing this t-shirt please send us some pictures! Buy this funny t-shirt here.

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