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8 July

It’s probably not the most flashy looking t-shirt we sell but it’s the wearer that makes the t-shirt with this one.
stop looking at my boobs funny t-shirts
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We like the irony of this shirt, like you’ve got to look at them to read what it says, by which time it’s too late. I’m never really sure what the whole deal with breasts and cleavage is, like why display them if guys can’t gawp at them? It makes no sense, it’s kind of a left over taboo or something, 5 years from now we’ll all be touching and staring at breasts attached to ladies we’ve never even spoken to (with any luck).
It seems to me that there ain’t a whole lot else to write about this one really, except don’t be put off by it just beacause you’re male, I’d piss myself if I saw a guy with man boobs wearing this thing.
Whatever, I think there’s only one way to celebrate the arrival of this great funny new t-shirt, by having some interesting photos of what it might be covering up, BUT.. before creaming yourself over the photos check out our other comedy t-shirts and make sure to buy lots of them.

cleavage t-shirt 1

cleavage t-shirt 2

and last but defo not least…

cleavage t shirt 3

enjoy! Jackalope