All new offensive t-shirts

9 July

Seems like a long long time since we did a good old fashioned offensive t-shirts, the sort you should wear in the day time, in front of lots of innocent children.
So here they are, all new:
new offensive t-shirts
Click here to buy one of these “I’m Just a Big Fucking Ray of Sunshine, Aren’t I?” offensive t-shirts

It comes in 5 different colours, each and every one is billiant with this t-shirt, I’d pick navy blue, but that’s me. Yeah, if you bring the room down with a thud then this is the t-shirt for you! I’m sure there’s one or two goth’s and emo’s and stuff out there too who should be wearing this thing. Self-mockery is never a bad thing. Notice the word “fuck” in there, if you’re still of school age, why not wear it in class one day, see if you can get kicked out (AKA a day off for free), if you do remember to send us your teachers name so we can publically humiliate them on the ol’ internet for being too lame to get the funny side of this t-shirt.
And if you’re not ito this shirt (which you should be, we all like it, so should you) we’ve got something for everyone on our t-shirts homepage.