Friday Funny News

24 July

I bet you thought I’d forgotten this weeks installement of dlightfully funny news, but alas no, I was ringing up reporters and the such (well, maybe not, but I was Googling, well…Bing-ing)
German Police Catch Underwear Bandit

Police In Germany uncovered more than 1,000 underpants and more than 100 pairs of swimming trunks after catching a thief in the act of taking another three pairs for his collection.
The fourty six year-old man was caught on Sunday nabbing 3 pairs of pants from a gym in the western town of Gelnhausen. Police then came across the huge collection of underwear while searching his appartment.
“They were all evidently in use, but had been washed and neatly stacked away,” a police spokesman said Monday.
Police are now investigating where all the underwear came from. The suspect claims to have bought them from boot sales & over the Internet.

You know, I kind of find the stealing panties like this understandable, like they’re from a lady and they’ve been near her naughty bits, but just taking other guys underwear to wear on a day to day basis is pretty damned odd, never mind when you do it over one thousand times! Do you think they’ll make him give them all back or what?