Funny t-shirts pick of the random time frame XIX

2 July

XIXth pick (or 19th if you preffer, you’ll thank us for all these roman numerals one day when you want to know when your favourite movie was copyrighted). Don’t you hate those cheesy trailers at the cinema.. “miss it, miss out”, “comming soon”, “make a date with..” it’s all crap, and this t-shirt’s a reaction to the worst of them all, they use it for book releases, new tv shows, new magazines, everything “if you see/hear/read only one thing this year, make it this” Ugh, what about if I see two, then don’t I bother?

Anyway here at long last is the shirt, forgive my ramblings:
if you see only one thing this year make it this
If you buy only one thing this year make it this if you read only one thing this year make it this t-shirt

People will read it and then they’ll tell all their buddies read that guys “t-shirt” i read it as my only thing this year, like some kind of shitty reading allowance, and I loved it, you’ll never guess the suprise sting in the tail end.
It comes in 5 great colours, but you might as well get it in vivid red, so it’s the most eye catching and as many people as possible read and see it, and waste their time.
And remember if you browse through only one funny t-shirts site this year make it this

Jackalope, the funny bunny