Funny t-shirts pick of the random time frame XXIV

25 July

Ah lucky number 24.
Right for my pick today it’s this funny little number:
i peaked at 15 funny tshirt pick
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I figured this one’s probably a good choice at the moment as, here in the UK there’s been all the school exams on, you know, GCSE’s and that sort of thing, it brings back a few memories. I think I did actually peak at 15 too, I was one of the smarter one’s in the class then, by 16, when it mattered for doing the ol’ GCSE’s I was kinda average, in the middle, and for the few exams I did after that, aged 17 plus I did pretty bad at. So if like me (and lets face it, you want to be) you peaked in your mid teens celebrate it with one of these t-shirts today.
Hopefully though your horemones have calmed down since you were 15, although on the downside it probably meens you can’t ejeculate 7 foot into the air every hour on the hour, like some super fertile drinking fountain. It’s not just me that hates those little fountains of kids pissing is it? I’m sure the first time someone made one it was pretty witty and cool but now…now…it’s just horrifying, the old peado paranoid society that we are in the UK though will probably see them banned in a year or two anyway.