Humorous t-shirts pick of the random time frame XXI

14 July

I was out hiding in some bushes doing my morning shit when I heard a couple go by, thinking they might want to look at my anus or touch my rectum I kept very quiet and still, they didn’t see or feel me, phew! But they were talking, like little babies “Aw, I’ll mith yoooo too sugar muffin”. Ha, I can’t even hear anyone get called Honey Bunny without thinking of Pulp Fiction. So Pet names, the way to lose all you credibility in one single second. I seem to be hearing them alot latley, pookie, sweetcheeks and let’s not forget honey.
What’s it all about? Are they transferable? Upon seperation who even owns the rights to them? Once a Cuddlybear always a cuddlybear?

One thing I think most of us have been called at some point or another is special – “you’re so special”? In the same way Special K is special right? I’m worth £1.80 and I go all soggy at the sight of milk?
Rebel against the lameness of it all with this humorous t-shirt:
humorous t-shirt pick of the time frame
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