New funny comedy t-shirts

20 July

Time for another line up of new t-shirts, people.
Here’s todays:
I heart drunk girls comedy t-shirts
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Drunk girls amaze and inspire us regularly. What won’t they do? We got some pretty pictures of them, most we can’t show you but here’s a few entertaining ones:

drunk girl 1
Look what a great time she’s having, we reckon the panties came off 5 mins after the photo was taken (check out the smile on the guys face) and a great time was had by all.

drunk girl 2
Maybe not quite as inviting pose as the first girl, but we appreciate she co-ordinated the boots and sick bucket.

drunk girl 3
She’ll let you do anything you want to her, any hole, any time (as long as it’s while she’s still wasted).

pile of drunk girls
A whole pile of drunk girls, we’d put our money on the one on the right in the red and black top, she’s all touchy feely over the other girls, but she’s kinda left out of the pile, we’d happily lay on top of her for a bit to make her feel better though.

Anyway, that’s enough pictures for now. Before you go don’t forget to have a butchers at our funny, rude and sometimes offensive t-shirts. They’re all great value and all the shirts come in a wide range of colours ad sizes to suit everyone. Happy drunk girl hunting.