Offensive T-shirts pick of the random time frame XXV

28 July

the 25th of our random picks, it seems like only yesterday since number one, those were the days. Actually no, they weren’t.
Whatever, today we have a offensive t-shirt in our midst. It’s simple, bold and, pardon the pun ..straight to the point.
offensive middle finger t-shirts

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I did a little research and was suprised to read that the finger is a thousands of years old gesture. The ancient Romans reffered to giving the finger to some one as “digitus impudicus”. There are many variations too, those of you who are also from the UK will know the V sign (with the palm pointed away from the person you’re aiming it at) meens the same thing as the finger, in Russia the equivient of the finger is bending the arm upwards – can’t imagine how that’d work, like everytime you scratch your head you’d be offensive to everyone, and this is my favourite, in some Afrian countries the typical hand gesture used is rasing all five of your fingers (or fingers and thumb if you want to be picky and lame), it meens you have five fathers, aka you’re a bastard. Pretty churlish, I like it. I always liked that thing in Romeo and Juliet with the “I bite my thumb at you, sir” thing, it has a range of meanings, that the person getting bitten at is gay, that they should go to hell or they’re a coward. It’s all good anyway.
So even if you think this t-shirt sucks, check out the rest of our funny t-shirts, otherwise we’ll do some of our own hand gestures towards you.