Rude t-shirts pick of le random time frame XXII

18 July

Ah, XXII, so it’s come to this.
Well we got a rude t-shirt today, as some one who loves innuendo and is a closet (or not so closet if you’ve met me) nerd this is one of my fave t-shirts on teesbox comedy and rude t-shirts

rude floppy t-shirts
Click here to buy one of these rude floppy t-shirts!

I miss the old days of floppy disks, even ZIP disks are kinda retro nowadays (but they’re too underground to make an innunedo out of now). I’ve fond memories of passing on a 4mb MP3 file and having to use two floppies to do it. USB flash sticky thingies lack that certain je ne sais quoi.

It comes in a range of seven different sizes, small, medium, large, extra large and an extra extra large, for those of you who’ve maybe spent a little bit too long sat in front of the pc.
Five different colours of t-shirts are available, red, navy blue, pale blue, black and pink. Personally I’d pick navy or black, they just look the coolest, plus it’s the two colours I most associate with disks.

Have a great weekend, with lots of drink and exposed body parts (minus anything that should be covered by one of our tees).