Rude t-shirts pick of the random time frame XVIII

1 July

Now I love all teesbox funny and rude t-shirts but this one’s gotta be one of the best of the best:
i dig your hole rude t-shirts

Hilarious to wander round in, but epecially funny if you’re actually doing some digging, if you’ve bought this and have a picture of you digging a hole (the earthy kind) wearing it we’d love to see.
Click to buy one of these rude t-shirts anyway. It doesn’t matter wether you’re a horny pervert or a simple landscape gardener, we don’t discriminate!

Here’s a picture of three holes that we dig here at teesbox t-shirts:

It’s wimbledon (or Wombledon) season so first we have Maria Sharapova, hinting at a hole she has hidden away, the outlines can be seen quite easily though, and I can really imagine getting to work hard on it with my enormous spade:
no prizes for spotting the hole we dig


This next ones very pretty and fully exposed this time, some spillage round the edges shows it has been dug hard and deep, but the rewards are obvious:
a beauty

And last but not least the only hole that can penetrate your ear (except for some kind of inverted hole, aka mounds, Ref pic: Ms Sharapovas chest)
Hole number three

That’s enough holes for now, if there ever can ever be enough holes, for further viewing why not check out google image search, but not before buyng a bunch of stuff off of us, your old pals.