All new funny t-shirts

15 August

Well I’ve decided to do the last ever “t-shirt funny pick of the random time frame” tommorrow! So I figure this new t-shirt’s kinda appropriate for that, so without further delay here it is:
I always finish what i start fu new t-shirt
Click here to buy it!
See, I thought to myself I’d do the funny picks of the random time frames up to number 1000, and no I have no idea what one thousand is in roman numerals, oh hang on, isn’t it M? Mmm I’d have enjoyed seeing “m” there, never mind, I’ve made my decision and I’m sticking to it, and like it ironically says “I always finish what I st..” You don’t need it explaining, I hope.
So this shirt’s available in 5 different sizes, from the biggest down, XXL, XL, L, M, and you guessed it…S, plus for women (or for men if you’re a bit oddly shaped) two other fitted sizes – s10 and s12 to show off your good bits.
It comes in 5 different colours, pink, navy, pale blue, red and good ol’ black so there’s something for you all.
Look out for my last pick tommorrow, I’m having to think of something else after that, but it’ll be even better (or should that be “betterer”) like I can’t believe it’s not betterer.
Have a great weekend from all the Teesbox team, Jackalope