All new funny t-shirts online

5 August

An all new line of t-shirts has joined our ranks, behold!:
new funny im topless t-shirts
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So yeah, it’s kinda a confusing message you might say- how can one be topless if one is wearing a fine teesbox t-shirt? The answer? We don’t know/care but it’ll annoy people and waste their time thinking about it and isn’t that what really matters in life?
Now I was trying to think of something funny to do with toplessness, like maybe the best topless scenes in movies or even some of the topless people from Google Earth, but, lets face it, the topless scenes in movies are usually about 3 seconds long in crappy lighting and the Google Earth ones are so hard to make out I think half the people that touch themselves thinking they’re perving on a naked lady are actually jerking off to a telephone box.
This shirts available in 5 great colours- navy blue, black, pale blue, red and an ever so fetching pink. It comes in 7 different sizes, ladies size 10 and ladies size 12, and for the funny t-shirts for men (or a non fitted lady size) small, medium, large, XL and a generous XXL – no matter how much skin you have to cover we’ve got it.. err…covered. Our prices are fixed too, so if you’re chunky you don’t pay a penny more than a skinny guy.