“Click here to see me naked” t-shirt review

18 August

So no more random time frame pick things, now its these much more fancy reviews, the content will most probably be the same BUT behold the slighty nicer name of ‘review’. Well let’s get on with it then, todays review is of:
click to see menaked t-shirts
Click here to buy one of these funny “click” t-shirts
So I’ve had a few people come up to me and say they don’t get this t-shirt, like is it suppost to be funny or what? Well I guess those people didn’t have the net, or didn’t ever stray onto any sites which were more adult than Winnie the Pooh, cos I constantly see this kinda thing:
click to see me..

click again... you dumbasses

Are they fooling anyone? I meen, do people (ok, men) really think some hot (or not so hot loking at the second pics face) ladies are really desperate to get nailed and the only way they can think of getting some is to log on and give creeps online their addresses? I doubt it. It’s hard to believe these are even genuine, if I didn’t know better I’d think they were spoofs. What happens when you sign up? You go to a site with 200 other loser men and not a woman in sight (or should that be “site”) – except for maybe a lazy ass hooker, who can’t even be arsed to wait on a street corner. Mock them anyway buy purchasing the t-shirt, people will enjoy it, you’ll enjoy waring it and we’ll enjoy knowing we’ve got your money.