Funny shirt pick of the somewhat random time frame XXIX

11 August

I may quit these random time frame thingies at 30, there’s only so much one man can take, then you can put up with them being called “reviews” like probably most other t-shirts sites do. So ha, that’ll teach ya (for what, I do not know).
SO anyway for a fishy number (anyone else out there think 29 is a strange one?) a fish related t-shirt
tuna fishing t-shirts
So I guess this is pretty much the ideal t-shirt for anyone – people who wear sports brands, people who hate sports brands, people who fish…..people…who don’t fish etc. etc. It comes in a great range of colours, styles and sizes too to make sure it fits your body like a glove (weird expression, in my experience gloves don’t often fit too well and no one cares if they don’t).
Click here to buy this funny fishing t-shirt or click here to browse the rest of our t-shirts. Wether you’re small or XXL we’ve got your size ready and waiting in stock.
I’ve never seen anyone catch a Tuna, are they around in the UK? I’ve seen one or two carps in my time though. Let us know about the Tuna, in our quest for knowledge, to boldly go where lots of other people have gone before.