Offensive t-shirts pick of the random time frame XXVII

4 August

You know I was thinking school has changed an awful lot since “I were a lad“, oh, no sorry make that since “I were a young Jackalope“.
For starters we still used blackboards rather than a giant projector screen thing, and chavs were called “townies” and the air was a little fresher and the sky, a little bluer, and, sadly the school girls weren’t half as friendly (aka horny) or easy on the eye (I’d say think ‘bulldog’ but I don’t want to be offensive to bulldogs) as they are now – or at least so I assume after searching the net for a few images:
delightful friendly schoolgirl
I bet her teacher didn’t make her do lines in detention.
One thing remains the same though- it’s still – always has been, always will be, a big pile of boring crap, and to celebrate how they force you to sit through 12 plus years of low quality teaching of things you’ll never use and a bunch of stressful exams (that you find out later in life that the reality is it makes no difference if you pass or fail) we bring you this offensive t-shirt:
offensive t-shirts
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We dare you to wear it to one of those non-uniform day things if you’re still at school, if you last more than 3 mins before getting expelled, I’ll faint.