Probing Expert- t-shirts review

19 August

Ah, our second review, that’d be II in Roman Numerals… must resist urge to go back to random time frame picks and their glorious array of X’s and V’s.
As you may, or may not know the MOD here in the UK released lots of details about UFO and alien encounters between 1981 and 1996 this week. The “X-Files”, I was going to paste in a bunch of articles about it, but frankly I’m too lazy, and half othem are probably silly anyway, like them “lemonhead alien” ones, though that’s actually one of the more convincing stories and there’s a few that are very convincing in there.
I’m not sure why aliens seem to like probing peoples anuses (should that be anusi? I’m not sure on the plural) so much, but this funny t-shirt celebrates it, so basque in its gentle humour:

funny alien t-shirt
Click here to buy! The shirt’s available in 7 sizes, 2 styles and 5 great colours.
If you do know what aliens are looking for with their probing, why not let us know, I’ve watched every X-files episode and I’m still non the wiser, oh and what’s the deal with turning cows inside out? You’d think if you travelled 70 lightyears to get here you’d do something more fun than that… maybe they’re not satisfied with PacMan? The one thing I love most of all about aliens and UFO’s is all the big glowing lights… like if you’re trying to hide and be secret a 10,000 watt bulb ain’t the way to do it. Infact neither is flying around in a big silver disk over towns, can’t they paint it blue or something to match the ol’ sky? A few fluffy clouds on it’s underside and those flying saucers might no look so intimidating to us mere humans?