Rude t-shirts pick of the random time frame XXVIII

8 August

So isn’t it every guys fantasy to get stuck with a hot, horny and frankly a little pervy nurse?
take off your pants
“now take off those pants, I need a sperm sample delivered asap on my breasts” Yeah, we wish. Anyway, we’ve got a nurse on this rude t-shirt who’ll verify the size of your large organ, and she ain’t talking about your intestines (or so we assume, “you should see the size of this guys liver”)
large organ rude t-shirt
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I wonder how many people have actually got to be nailed by a (hot) nurse, probably a lot fewer or more (I’m keeping my options open) than you’d imagine. If any nurses read this by chance, maybe you could come and inspect the lower half of my body, just to make sure everything is working as it should.
These t-shirts come in a range of five colours, red, blue, navy blue, black and pink. They also come ina wide range of sizes, small, medium, large, extra large and XXL t-shirts for men, and size’s 10 and 12 for women so no matter what the size (and gender) of the patient we’ve got something for you!
Keep making sure your organs are working properly and visit us again soon.