F you you F-ing F- offensive t-shirts review

1 September

It’s a while since I reviewed an offensive t-shirt, infact the last one I could find was waaay back in July – offensive Pick of the random time frame XXV!
So it’s about time for this, as it’s been such a while I decided to pick the t-shirt with the most foul language on I could find:
fuck you you fuckin' fuck t-shirts
If you want to buy one of these t-shirts or look at it some more click here and if you don’t like it then…fuck you!
So basically we made this t-shirt because it has lots of naughty words on it, well one naughty word, but many times. If you’re a bible basher why not wear it to church? If you’re a white collar worker, why not wear it to the office? Best of all, if you’re still stuck at the hell that is school, wear it one of those non-uniform days, it’ll be the shortest day at school/ the office you ever have. If you do give any of those suggestions a try, please email us and tell us how it panned out. I suspect if you wear it to church you won’t be able to email us, as they’ll have burnt the t-shirt…with you in it. Or maybe crucified you.